The Importance of Music

The direction to sing is in the Bible at least 50 times. The power of music to emotionally affect and connect with us is not a coincidence.

2021-11-08T17:17:25+11:008 November 2021|Faith|

Turn It Off

This is your reminder if you are feeling the weight of it all to turn it off. Turn off the phone, the TV, the laptop, put down the tablet.

2021-11-01T08:45:49+11:001 November 2021|Lifestyle|

9 Job Interview Tips

Interviews are daunting, nerve racking and can be downright scary. Here are 9 job interview tips to help you succeed and make a good impression.

2021-10-27T08:40:46+11:0027 October 2021|At Work|


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