Sponsor Rhema 99.9

Sponsor Rhema 99.9

Become a sponsor and grow your business with Rhema 99.9’s affordable and effective radio marketing campaigns.

Inexpensive Rates

Rhema 99.9 sponsorship rates are extremely competitive and affordable, offering value for money with an excellent production standard.

Business Partnership

Rhema 99.9 fosters long-term business partners both small and large. This is achieved by operating as a non-profit business structure that aims to promote your business to local people. Try the difference… and save money!

Supportive Listeners

Port Macquarie is a major developing region in New South Wales. Our coverage is over 80,000 people with an estimated shared audience reach of over 18,000 (15+) in a typical week*. Rhema 99.9 is a growing community radio station that is highly supportive of local groups, organisations, ministries and businesses.

Announcements Limited To 5 Minutes Per Hour

Rhema 99.9 plays no more than 5 minutes of sponsorship throughout any given hour compared to commercial stations that can play up to 22 minutes advertising per hour. With Rhema 99.9, your business will not get lost in a myriad of other promotions.

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*McNair Ingenuity Survey 2010